CASE STUDY: New Brand – New Web Strategy

S&P Capital IQ needed to replace their old copy-heavy, feature-laden website to coincide with a global brand launch in September 2014. We articulated the new goals of the site – to generate leads for the sales force and increase overall awareness of the firm – and created strategies to achieve them. Click here to see the live site:

SPCIQ_WEBSITE_VERTICALInteractive Product Screener

With 130+ products designed for hundreds of different professionals across the financial spectrum, S&P Capital IQ needed a clean, easy way for visitors to find the right product.  An interactive screener narrows results to a handful of products through industry, job function and activity drop-downs.

Solution-Centric Navigation

We eliminated hundreds of copy-heavy brochureware pages and replaced them with benefit-focused sections that pointed to a core database of product cards with highly visible contact info to help generate leads.

Dynamic Thought Leadership Content

To encourage repeat visits, we created dynamic thought leadership pages including a subscribable blog, events and reports pages to help increase awareness and support our position as a thought leader.

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